GUI apps

Epeios based GUI apps

The XDHTML technology, which is part of the Epeios project, is dedicated to the handling of graphical user interfaces in apps for OSes like GNU/Linux, macOS, Windows…, for mobile devices under Android or iOS, and also for web apps.

Handling graphical interfaces can be very challenging, especially for those who are not professional developers. Hence the Atlas toolkit, based on the XDHTML technology and also part of the Epeios project, conceived as a quick and easy way to add versatile graphical interfaces with networking capabilities to programs. The Atlas toolkit has its own dedicated web site:

Apart from software based on the Atlas toolkit, which can be found on the dedicated web site, you will find here all the free (libre) software from the Epeios project with a graphical interface, as soon as they will be available.

msfgqxdh is a work in progress which deals with LilyPond. While waiting for the dedicated page, if you read French, you can have a look at this article: You can also try it online here: (Run, then click on the displayed URL).

That’s what this software looks like:

the msfgqxdh interface